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Pardazesh Electronic

The company has been operating since 2010 its inception using new standards and methods of electronic design and has been backed by experts in field of designing electronic boards.


With the goal of providing smart solutions and relying on individual knowledge and technical and operational expertise of our experts, we are ready to advise on a variety of electronic projects.


Using the best supplier of electronic components,  we have been helping our customers to better serve this service ...

Hardware design :

Need a professional designer? In this company you can easily order the design of electronic analogue and digital electronics boards.


Software design :

This company can help you in electronic projects in the field of software design and image processing.


Consultancy in design :

The company has the necessary readiness to consult on design, production and quality issues.


Supplying Parts :

With the help of this company, you can easily supply the parts needed for your electronic projects around the globe.


Production :

If you need to produce electronic and mechanical components in the shortest possible time, you can contact us.


Standard PCB :

The company allows you to deliver complex and high-quality boards of 1 to 40 layers without worry.


Flexible PCB :

You can use this option for spaces that require flexible layouts.


Assemble :

Have you encountered difficulties in assembling BGA parts? You can use our help to assemble electronic gadgets.

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