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Technical  Pcb stack-up 

Technical ، Pcb stack-up

PCB stack-up

Multilayers Rigid PCB stack up

Our standard multi-layer PCB stackup is predominantly made up of three components

 with varying thicknesses of Copper Foil, Pre-preg and Copper clad FR4 laminates as cores


Multilayers FPC stack-up

Multilayers Flexible circuit boards stack-up , PI ,base copper with or without adhesive

,overlay , the thickness is from 0.15mm-0.5mm.






Blind Vias :  connects an inner layer with the adjacent surface layer, they are only

 visible on one side of the boards and so are called ‘blind’ Vias.

Buried Vias: Connects two adjacent inner copper layers. They are not visible from

 the surface and so are ‘buried’


Copper in the wall of PTH

 The thickness of copper in the wall of PTH hole as 25 at least




Side Plating

To guarantee the producibility of the side plating, the metallized area must be

 defined using overlapping copper (copper surface, pads, or tracks) in the CAD

 layout. Minimum overlap:500um On the connected layer, min 300um of connected

 copper must be defined. On non-connected layers, the copper should have gap of

min. 800um from the outer contour



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Pcb stack-up
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