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Technical  PCB & SMT PROCESS 

Technical ، PCB & SMT PROCESS


We at PARDAZESHGARAN ELECTRONIC offer PCB fabrication process that includes manufacturing,

delivering high quality consistentlyand affordable price of the circuit boards that have been printed.

Whether it is large volume production of runs or single board for one prototype, our engineers at

PARDAZESHGARAN ELECTRONIC come to meet the needs of yourPCB fabrication in a wide

variety of technologies as well as materials. Our focus is mainly on printed boards of circuit

that are multi-layer, HDI PCBs in most varying complexities and impedance-controlled circuit boards.

Adding the SMT stencil

For every fabrication order of the PCB, you can now add a SMT stencils. This makes us the most sought

after SMT PCB manufacturer.The SMT stencil helps in transferring solder paste into a board of bare circuit.

The foil of stainless steel is more of a laser cut that creates opening for any surface-mount-device, on board.

An absence of solder paste can create insufficient joints of the solder but we do not let that happen as we

never let your board’s electrical functionality compromised.

If you are looking for SMT & PCB manufacturer, PCB fabrication process, PCB & SMT SMT Manufacturing

service, SMT fabrication process, PCB Manufacturing Process and SMT Manufacturing Process

, please contact us.

PCB Process

Once you’ve connected us to order your Printed Circuit Board, our production engineering team analyze the data

required to custom manufacture to your specific requirements.

SMT Process

When we get the all the components ,we will test the capacitor and resistor , IC and so on, make sure that all the

parts are correctly parameter same as the BOM  list.(According to test procedure)


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